Foundations of Friendship

Who Can Participate: Grades 3-8.

Does your child need help with developing Social Skills? At the Foundations for Friendship Camp, campers will learn a variety of social skills and practice developing them. The camps are all-inclusive, meaning that students with IEPs and special needs are invited to attend. All skill levels are welcome, and “we specifically encourage youth who want to develop their social skills to try this fun and interactive opportunity,” said Academy director, Dr. Pamela Potemri.

When: July 9-August 17 from 9:00am-3:30pm. Camp includes morning and afternoon snacks as well as a healthy, fresh lunch prepared by Chef Kristen Liberatore.

Half-Day Session: 9:00am-12:30pm. The half-day option includes a morning snack and lunch.

What: The morning session focuses on teamwork and sportsmanship utilizing the beautiful grounds at Mount Saint John. The second half of each day involves social skills development through various activities and lessons.

Where: The Transition Academy at Mount Saint John

From its hillside location perched high above the Connecticut River, the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John rises from the landscape like something out of a storybook. Dating back to 1907, the impressive stone building looks out over 80 acres, which today comprise athletic fields, walking trails, and wooded and open space. This summer, its ample grounds will be home to the Foundations for Friendship Camp for students in grades 3-8.

Cost per two week session: Full-day: $450 Half-day: $300

Cost for each two-week Foundations for Friendship Camp is $450 per full-day two-week session and $300 per two-week, half-day session. Additional costs may be required if IEP services are requested. Typically, the cost of specialized services is born by the student’s school district, but parents can also opt for private pay. A consultation with your school district representative can be arranged as needed to discuss service delivery and cost deferment.


As a private day school during the academic year, The Transition Academy at Mount Saint John is well-versed in approaches which help kids develop healthy social interaction skills. Its reputation for excellence attracts high-quality community partners.

Your kids won’t miss their lunch bag, with Academy Chef Kristen Liberatore serving up fresh-made summer favorites like tacos, barbecued chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, fruit and vegetable salads, and more. Chef Kristen loves introducing kids to food they might not have tried before, like kiwi and starfruit. Among the benefits to having a professional kitchen, large outdoor grill, and community garden at hand, the Academy is also well-suited to serve campers with special dietary needs or restrictions, including health issues like diabetes.

Beyond the beautiful setting and amenities, The Transition Academy at Mount Saint John offers clear advantages to kids who benefit from extra support.

As a Connecticut Department of Education-approved, private day school, the Academy is uniquely positioned to provide services to children with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Specialized services, including tutoring, speech and language pathology, emotional and social skills support, and occupational and physical therapy, are provided by certified, experienced educators and therapists. These service blocks are incorporated into the camper’s day, ensuring that each camper stays on top of their personal and educational goals while enjoying time in the sun and meeting friends beyond their normal peer group.

Camp size, capped at 45 students per session, is intentionally small, to maximize safety and individual attention. As space is limited, early registration is encouraged.

How to Register:

To start the process, please click the registration links below. Please note that parents/guardians do have the option to decline the photo release. If you have specific questions about the camp or its ability to accommodate your child’s specific needs, please call 860-343-1300.