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Ensuring All Children Have Access to Cutting-Edge Transition Services

School District Information - The Transition Academy at Mount Saint John

As a school district, finding the perfect placement for a child can be difficult. Every child has a unique set of needs and making sure those needs are met is our job. At the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John we focus on cultivating independence through cutting-edge transition experiences. Not only do we provide high quality, personalized education for our students, we also focus on developing the behavioral and transition skills necessary for our students to thrive. Between our lower and upper schools, we are equipped to accept students between the ages of 11 and 21. If you believe that a student would be best served through an out-of-district placement at the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John, please follow the steps laid out below to initiate the application process.

Out of District Placement Process

  1. Initial Meeting: The student’s IEP team and parents meet to determine if the current placement is able to meet all of the student’s needs and provide all of the services the student is entitled to.
  2. Out-of-District Referral: If the IEP team determines that they are not able to meet these needs within the district, a referral packet is filled out and sent to possible placements that would be able to better provide education and transition skills to the student.
  3. Referral Packet Review: The packet is received and reviewed by placement staff.
  4. Tour & Interview: At this point, if the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John believes the student is a good candidate for our cutting-edge programs, the student and parents will be invited to the campus for a tour and informal interview.
  5. Meeting with District: If the parents decide that the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John can provide the high-quality education and transition skills their child needs to thrive, they will contact the district with their decision on which Out of District Placement best fits their child’s needs.
  6. Schedule PPT Meeting: The last step is to schedule a PPT meeting at the Transition Academy to revise the IEP. This meeting will include the district representative, parents, and members of the team at the Transition Academy.

If you are considering an Out-of-District Placement for your student, please fill out the form below to gain access to our referral packet. The packet will provide us with vital information when determining the best program and placement for the student.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Your information will not be shared with any third party and will be kept confidential.

Why Choose the Transition Academy at Mount Saint John?

At the Transition Academy of Mount Saint John, we specialize in high-quality transition and learning-based disability services. Our goal is to equip children of all ages to succeed in the world. We provide top of the line education services to every child at the Transition Academy with a focus on developing behavioral and transition skills. Our hands-on approach to education means that our students graduate wit the skills necessary to thrive in their chosen environment. Many will continue on to college or enter a technical job that they have already trained and practiced for. Our curriculum provides hands-on experience, whether working in our wood shop, learning a trade, or practicing life skills on a daily basis. We encourage our students to be self-determined and passionate in their learning and the growth we see in students every day speaks for itself. If you believe a student would be better equipped to success through an out of district at the Transiton Academy at Mount Saint John, please contact us today to begin the referral process.